Virginia Mansion Wedding Venues

Virginia mansion weddings are a romantic way to welcome your guests to the Northern Virginia countryside.

Choosing a Virginia Mansion Wedding Venue

Congratulations! You’re engaged! You’re probably excited to get started on your wedding plans. One of your most important initial decisions will be choosing your wedding venue. Virginia mansion weddings are a great option to consider when venue shopping after you have determined the date of your wedding. These unique properties often allow for indoor and outdoor event space, as well as the integration of the Northern Virginia countryside as a backdrop for wedding ceremonies! Here are some points to keep in mind as you finalize your venue shopping.

Set Your Budget

Before you begin planning, make sure you set a budget or have a budget in mind. This is important during the venue shopping process, as this will determine just how much you can spend on different elements of your wedding. Attribute money to the items that are the most important to you and your fiance. If your wedding venue is really important, make sure you can allocate enough of your budget to pay for the venue that you want. If flowers are important, know the designs you would like to have and then budget accordingly.

Create Your Guest List

Before you can choose your Virginia wedding venue, make a list of how many guests you estimate you’ll be inviting. If you have a guest list of more than 200 people, you will have to rule out any venues that can only accommodate 150 guests or plan to cut your guest list. Keep in mind the total guest list is likely going to be larger than the number of people who will come to the wedding, but keep all of this in mind as you shop for your perfect venue.

Choose Your Menu

Now that you know which Virginia venues are available and accommodating of your guest list, it’s time to think about the additional details! At Whitehall, we consider ourselves an all-inclusive Virginia wedding venue because we do provide catering in-house. When you meet with us we are happy to discuss all the options related to cuisine. Our team is more than happy to customize your menu if you have specialty items you would like to have served at your wedding reception.

Whitehall Estate, in northern Virginia just outside Washington, D.C., offers our engaged couples a gorgeous location for wedding ceremonies and receptions with excellent in-house catering. If you are searching for a gorgeous Virginia mansion wedding venue in the area, please contact us for a tour!

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